You need more business? Good telephone marketing activity can turn simple business contacts into long term business relationships. But what is the best way to go about it? Telemarketing, if it’s done correctly, really will win you new business, help you to keep your existing customers and develop the initial contact with others into long lasting business relationships too.

So you face choices: Of course you can employ someone. You’ll need to train them in how to properly use the phone without aggravating the very people you want to reach, how to make relevant notes of the conversations they will have had. How to properly operate a call back diary, and why. How to make sure that the way they call and the other things they do around this activity is within the Law. There’s lots of other stuff too in correctly doing the job of getting you more business – BUT – Then there’s the 10%+ of salary for an employment agency fee up front. That’s before things like the recent compulsory pension legislation and all that other “employee” stuff the government puts in your way like employer’s NI contributions, holiday pay, extensive workers’ rights and insurances, safe places of work, providing equipment & software, etc. So this could cost you a fair sum and be an enormous commitment especially if it doesn’t quite go as expected – and if it does they might up and leave after you’ve trained them.

Or you could instead get in touch with me. I’ve been doing what I do for years. I’m also really quite good at it too! I have checkable references (published elsewhere on this site) from other companies just like yours. I stick around: I’ve two ongoing customers of 5+ years and another where I’ve now entered the tenth year of doing their work – so I must be doing something right!¬† No, I can’t cast-iron guarantee I would be successful for you (just like employing someone internally wouldn’t be) but the gamble of what it will cost you to try me for say six weeks over what it might cost you to find and employ someone internally really are extremely attractive numbers. We’re talking just¬† hundreds over many, many thousands!

I know The Phone Works! Make it work for you. Call me today.

Paul Faulkner
March 2016